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Why Are You Here?

It seems like such a simple question: Why are you here? However, if you really think about it and answer honestly (narrowing it down to just one thing) it’s hard—but important. The decisions we make about how we spend our time, energy, and money are better when based on our answer to this fundamental question, “What is our purpose?”

I’ve whittled my purpose down from essentially trying to change the world to a more manageable change my world. I didn’t give up on my larger-than-life aspirations, but by making my mission more about the smaller things I can control, and less about things I have almost no chance of changing, I’m much more motivated, focused, and action-oriented. I know exactly what I have to do, and it’s doable.

Purpose is a powerful thing. So is focus and achievability. When we are driven to do something, see that it’s possible, and focus everything we have to make it happen the outcome is typically a good one.

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