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September23, 2023

Dreams Do Come True

My son was offered a scholarship to play football for Cal Lutheran University after a stellar high school career. Ethan's proven so many people wrong along the way who said he wasn't tall enough to be an all star QB or a college DB.


September 9, 2023

Mission Hillzbillyz Band Gigging More and More

For live events and large gatherings of people Covid killed a lot gigs for us, but it also gave us a lot of time to practice. We're starting to get out and play more and obviously, playing live is the best.


September 7, 2023

New Mini Book Completed and Available For Free

I've always wondered how some products and companies were able to remain relevant year after year (and decade after decade). I put it all in a new mini book called, "New and Improved."


August 2, 2023

Lee's Love of Credit Unions Leads to Series of Talks

Sharing how to reach and teach each generation was a lot of fun and right on point for credit unions teaching financial literacy to people young and old.


July 21, 2023

Silber Speaks at ArtFest in Lancaster

It was my honor to speak at ArtFest in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The custom program I created was, "The Seven Habits of Happy Creative People" and it was a hit.


June 29, 2023

Looking For Inspiring Stories For New Book

Years ago one of my stories was included in "Chicken Soup For The Beach Lover's Soul" and now I'm putting together a book of stories of my own and I'm hoping to include inspiring true stories from others. Let me know if you would like to be included.


June 1, 2023

Feeling a Lot Like a Rock Star 

It's been quite a run having been in several cities the past two weeks speaking to groups large and small. However, speaking at the Disneyland Resort was a highlight. There were cameras, s super sound system, four screens, a green room, and I was assigned a "handler". Very cool. 


May 9, 2023

The Long Drive

What happened to Southwest Airlines? After being stranded in Phoenix I was forced to drive six hours through the night to make my next speaking engagement. That's the second time in one month Southwest let me down. I wish I had my own plane like Jimmy Buffett.

Small Airplane

April 4, 2023

Another Custom Presentation 

Another successful custom speech is in the books. This time I created a presentation for credit union lenders using sailing as the basis for navigating turbulent times. So fun and very effective.

Sail Boat

March 13, 2023

Lee's Podcast Reaches 300th Episode

It took six years, but the "Faster, Easier, Better Show" reached 300 episodes. That's a lot of tips about efficiency, but my co-host (Ellen Goodwin) and I plan to keep going.


February 28, 2023

Have Speech, Will Travel

So far in 2023 I have traveled in all directions to give speeches but my favorite place of all was Celebration, Florida. It's a town built by Disney for their executives. Very cool


January 28, 2023

Superhero Themed Speech

For the employees of my local school district we teamed up to create a customized presentation around superheroes. It was a blast and very well received. 


December 28, 2022

The Power of Goals

At the start of the football season my son and I sat down and set goals for himself. I turned them into a trading card. The card pictured include his actual stats. He exceeded almost all of his goals.


December 7, 2022

San Diego Convention Center Keynote

What a way to wrap up the year. As the conference keynote speaker it was great to be in the big room and be able to play the drums and bass as part of my presentation, "The Power of Music".


December 1, 2022

Midwest Speaking Tour a Success

When you love what you do it's no big deal to fly across the country, wake up at the crack of dawn, and overcome technical difficulties to make a difference. .


November 7, 2022

Lee Silber to Speak in Kansas City

Traveling to Kansas City in winter doesn't seem ideal for a surfer from San Diego, but Lee is excited to share ideas on dealing with change and overcoming fear in the Midwest.


October 21, 2022

In-depth Interview With Lee Silber

After being interviewed hundreds of times, this time the interviewer asked some new and unusual questions about business and life.


October 9, 2022

Free Guide on The Power of Slogans 

Why do slogans and taglines work so well? Find out in this free infographic which you can access using link below.

Slogan Infographic.jpg

October 2, 2022

Update on Goals 

Ethan Silber is the starting QB on his high school football team and before the season began father and son sat down to set goals for the season. They created a mockup of a football card with his goals on it. Ethan is exceeding each one.


September 28, 2022

What Would Jimmy Buffett Do?

Hearing that Jimmy Buffett cancelled all of his 2022 tour dates after a health scare makes the Buffett-themed speeches Lee has been delivering (to the delight of attendees) even more relevant.


September 13, 2022

Wild Ideas At Work Presentations

Lee's on the road speaking to groups about getting good ideas and implementing them, finding focus and balance on the job, planning your year, and life lessons learned from Jimmy Buffett. 


September 7, 2022

Silber Signs to Write Book About Famous New Yorker

For the next few months Lee will be teaming up to write a book about the story behind one of the most famous nightclubs in New York and the man who ran it.

Nightclub party

September 1, 2022

Lee and the Mission Hillzbillyz Band to Play This Month

After taking some time off the band is back and will perform a private event at the end of September with more gigs to follow this fall.


August 2, 2022

Silber to Speak
in Orlando, Florida
in 2023

Lee Silber will team up to speak at the annual Club Management Association of America World Conference in Orlando, Florida. 

Female Golfer with Clubs

July 28, 2022

Silber to Speak
and Perform

As a keynoter for WASTECON22, an annual conference being held at the San Diego Convention Center, Lee Silber will both perform music and speak.


July 26, 2022

New Blog Post With a Twist

We begin with the question, what if people you admire and respect were always watching you? Would you do some things differently?

Looking Up

July 15, 2022

New Page With Inspiring Stories

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants and needs to read inspiring short stories for a little positivity in a time when we get so much negative news every day.


July 13, 2022

New Blog Post About The Power of Why

I hope it shows that I spent a lot of time researching and writing this blog entry because as a big believer in the "Power of Why" doing a deep dive was a joy.

Smiling Young Woman

June 23, 2022

New Blog Posts

There are several new blog posts including, "What's Your Jam" asking readers to choose a theme song for the month or year to find focus and motivate us. 


June 16, 2022

Speaking in Pittsburgh for SGMP

SGMP asked Lee to speak to their members in Pittsburgh on the topic of designing a hybrid meeting that looks good and sounds great—the Best of Both Worlds. 

Lee Silber speaking at SGMP.jpeg

June 2, 2022

Silber Works With Just Keep Living 

Silber first teamed up with Matthew McConaughey's foundation in 2016. The goal is to give gear to after-school programs. Purchasing kickballs, basketballs, and volleyballs, Lee and attendees write life lessons on each ball before donating them. 


May 31, 2022

Wild Ideas at The Academic Resource Conference  

Lee was asked to lead a half-day session on getting good ideas from the bottom of an organization up to the top at the 2022 ARC conference held at Paradise Point in San Diego. He nailed it. 


May 26, 2022

Efficiency Tips In
Peoria, Arizona

Speaking to the employees of the City of Peoria, Arizona on efficiency was well worth the long drive and 105 degree heat. What a great group and sharing ideas to do things better, faster, and easier is my passion. 


May 18, 2022

Leadership Skills For Executive Assistants

A family emergency with one of the main speakers meant a chance for Lee to step up and step in at the Executive Assistant Conference in Dana Point. With just a few days to prepare, Silber saved the day with his timely topic and interactive approach.

Executive Assistant Conference With Lee Silber.jpg

May 11, 2022

Entrepreneur Summit

I will be one of several speakers at the Teach Me To Entrepreneur Summit on May 11, 2022. I will share some of my missteps and how to avoid them.


MAY 10, 2022

Helping Oncology Administrators

Many times I volunteer to speak for groups that are doing work that matters. The Society of Radiation Oncology Administrators is one.


May 1, 2022

Weekly Challenge

I'm looking for a few people to join me in a weekly challenge of small goals. If you want to be included text me (Lee) and we'll start on 5/9/22.

Fitness Group

April 25, 2022

New Blog Posts

What your favorite films may say a lot about you. Included are my top ten and what lessons can be learned.


April 12, 2022

Podcast Milestone

The Faster, Easier, Better Podcast hosted by Lee Silber and Ellen Goodwin reaches 250 episode milestone. 


April 11, 2022

Wild Ideas at Work

Lee Silber was selected to speak at the Administrative Professionals Conference in 2022 about making wild ideas work at work.


April 10, 2022

New Squirrel Notes

In addition to a pocket notebook for your ideas Lee has also created a daily planner that includes a things-to-do list, space for reflection and ideas, and fitness tracking.

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