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Lee Silber

This is the story of Lee Silber, an ordinary guy who used the power of small to do big things.

By stacking steps and creating a track record of success Silber built his confidence and his career.

After high school Lee made a "Bucket List" of personal goals—which he also realized.

• Happily Married for 29 Years

• Two Fantastic Teenage Sons

• Lives by the Beach

1976 / Age 11

Young Entrepreneur

At the tender age of eleven Lee started his first business, sanding and repainting mailboxes—earning $1,500 over the summer. At 16, Silber sold office supplies out of his car and at the swap meet.

1987 / Age 22

Surfing For Success

After moving to Hawaii to sell art supplies, Silber returned to the mainland and opened the first Waves and Wheels Surfercenter with his brothers. During this same time Lee also finished his studies in advertising and design.

1991 / Age 26 

Will Speak For Food

Seen as a leader in the action sports industry, schools brought Lee in as a Career Day speaker and it changed his career. Silber was paid to speak for the first time and published his first book. 

1995 / Age 30

Travel to Teach  

As a lead trainer for SkillPath Seminars, Lee taught tens of thousands of attendees in all 50 states for five years while also promoting his books.  

1998 / Age 33

Major Book Deal

Silber signed with Random House and wrote his first of four books in the highly successful "Creative Person" series. The books led to book tours, speaking engagements, and media opportunities.

2004 / Age 39

Excellence Awarded

After writing books for St. Martin's Press, Career Press, and Capital Books, Lee won several awards for literary excellence. 

2010 / Age 45

Corporate Training

As a sought-after speaker and trainer, Lee worked with major corporations, professional sports teams, and was featured on radio and television.   

2015 / Age 50

Continuous Improvement

Hitting his stride, Silber continued to improve as a presenter, writer, and designer. Lee also teamed up to launch a podcast on efficiency and a business for remote workers.

2024 / 59

The Future Looks Bright

Lee is not slowing down and has now written 26 books and ten e-books, given over 2,500 speeches, and recorded 340 podcast episodes. What's next? A new book, new speeches, and a brand new business venture. 

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