Lee Silber

There is nothing Lee Silber loves more than being on a stage making audiences think, laugh, and learn—and since 1991 he's done just that, over 2,400 times to more than a million people. 


Lee is lucky to have also had success at another thing he loves to do. He's the award-winning author of 26 books—including two best sellers. 


Silber is also a business owner, turning his love of surfing into a chain of retail stores, co-founding Waves and Wheels Surfcenters.

Published Books: 26

Speaking Engagements: 2,400

Businesses Founded: 5




Lee's long list of clients include big businesses like Boeing, General Electric, and Qualcomm; sports teams like the San Diego Padres; hundreds of associations including Credit Union National Association and Club Managers Association of America; and dozens of different non-profit

organizations around the country.


Silber spends his free time coaching baseball and football, playing and recording music, surfing with his sons, and in the company of his wife of 26 years. Lee lives in Mission Beach, California.   

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