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Harper's Bay

So... how do I gush about this new book without sounding self serving? Aha! I know. Those who have read it have said it's my best book yet. Who am I to disagree? I love all of my books equally, except this one, I love it a little more.


Jimmy And The Kid

I cried when I wrote it (you'll see what I mean if you read it) and I am so proud I was able to weave in the things I tell my own players about baseball and life.


The Pelican

Whoa. This was a departure for me in how dark the book starts out and how it ends. That's all I'm saying, but this was a very hard book to write—but I'm glad I did.


The Splendid Splinter

Like many of my books this is factual fiction, and so many times I wished it was all real. It feels like summer to me.



There isn't enough space here to talk about what it was like to be asked by someone who is dying to tell their story. I can say I'm glad Sunshine chose me.  


The Homeless Hero

This book is pure fiction and yet many of the things I wrote about are coming true. Living on the streets as research gave me a whole new perspective of what it's like to be homeless.


Runaway Best Seller

The title fits the story perfectly—an abused wife of a Major Leaguer is an aspiring author who writes a book about her disappearance . . and then disappears. The fact that having "Best Seller" in the title would make the book a best seller was unexpected, but welcomed.


Bored Games

My sons and I went on so many adventures together when they were younger and we lived this book. I miss those days so much. 


The Wild Idea Club

To tell stories to make business points was a dream come true and led to my writing novels. My favorite story is about Tony, the pizza guy. 


Rock to Riches

A book about business lessons learned from rock stars—and I get to write it with one of my best friends—I'm in. We also later released, No Brown M&M's.


Chicken Soup For The Beach Lovers Soul

To be a contributor to this series was such an honor. To share the joy I felt from teaching others to surf was a match made in heaven.


Organizing From The Right Side Of The Brain

Many of the books on organized seemed like they were written for people who were already organized. I wanted to write a book for people who prefer to pile, like to leave things out, and don't want to throw everything (or anything) away.


Behind The Books

I always loved albums that came with liner notes. Lately I've included author notes in the back of my books. This page includes a few thoughts about many of my 25 titles.

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