New Novel

When a twelve year-old girl wants to play baseball with the boys, she’s lucky to have the help of Jimmy Parks, a former Major Leaguer and someone with the power to change her life forever. 


Escaping to the empty baseball fields across the street from the military housing in which she lives, Billie is content to throw a ball against the wall, pitching imaginary games with no one around—until she meets Jimmy Parks, the man who maintains the fields.  

Not only does the long-retired Major Leaguer teach Billie and her new friends how to play baseball the right way, he and the other older coaches also teach the team about life in this story of breaking barriers, and breaking through to do what you were always meant to do.      

Jimmy and the Kid Cover.jpg

This book has a little bit of everything. Sure, it's about baseball, but there are a lot of life lessons included about teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, friendship, positivity, humility, leadership, practice and hard work—all told in an uplifting story (with a surprising twist at the end).