Lee Silber Live

Due to the Coronavirus, Lee is turning all of his speeches into webinars and is available to conduct any topic virtually and on short notice.

What makes Lee Silber so unique as a speaker? It's how well he connects with audiences, which stems from the amount of time he puts into the preparation and customization of each program.


This means no two presentations are alike, but they are always funny, full of really good ideas (specific to the needs of the audience), and include a lot of audience interaction. 

Using his background as a best-selling novelist, Silber uses stories to anchor his ideas. As a working musician, Lee puts on a show that grabs and holds the audience from start to finish. 

Finally, having averaged over 50 presentations a year for 28 years, Silber is a pro's pro who can be counted on to come through every time he takes the stage.   





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