Lee Silber Live



Years Speaking: 30

Total Speeches: 2,409

Past Clients: GE, HP, GM, eBay, Qualcomm

Known For: Humor, Customization, Interaction

Total Attendees: 1.1 Million




Over 30 years ago Lee was asked to address the students at Challenger Middle School for career day. The Principal surmised that the kids could relate to a small business owner who would skateboard onto the stage. She was right. The kids loved him and that was the start of a long and successful career.


Silber paid his dues speaking at Rotary and Kiwanis clubs. Teaching classes for The Learning Annex, and spending five years as a lead trainer for SkillPath Seminars, crisscrossing the country doing day long workshops and book signings at night. 

It took Silber over 500 presentations to get good, and another 1,000 speeches to get to great. Over the years Lee has used his skills as a graphic artist to design stunning slides, his experience as a working musician to put on a dynamic show, and his award-winning books to tell powerful stories and use humor to get people to laugh and learn.

Today, Silber is a pro's pro and spends more time preparing and personalizing his programs than people expect, and often receives standing ovations for his efforts.


Although a Zoom presentation isn't the same as a live one, Silber is getting good at making them better than before—more intimate, interactive, and customized. With a career that pre-dates laptops and Powerpoint, Lee has always adapted and embraced change.