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What Happened?

No matter what side you are on, seeing someone bomb on stage is painful to watch. (Note: The audience wants you to do well.) Joe Biden failed and flailed in his first (and only?) 2024 debate. What can we learn from his disaterous "performance"? 1. You Can Over-Prepare As an audience, we want authenticity. We don't want a robot-like speaker spewing statistics. If a person speaks from the heart and speaks their truth it has so much more impact than a bunch of numbers. 2. A Debate is a Long Q&A Session When asked to speak avoid the Q&A portion. I know, this is counter to most advice. My experience is most questions are not helpful. Many times they are a lengthy statement from an attendee. Offer to answer any and all questions off-line. Trust me, when you hear crickets when a hosts asks, "Are there any questions," it is a blessing. 3. Energy is Everything The "it" factor. What is "it"? Energy! If you come out morose, uninteligible, and quite frankly, feeble, it's not a good look. On the other hand, whatever you have to say is said with energy, passion, and conviction you win. If you don't believe it, you shouldn't be up on that stage—in my opinion.

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