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Time Well Spent

I have three things that are free and that I’d like to offer readers this month.


I’m a big believer that many (most) people have good ideas, but few act on them. Over the years I have come up with and idea and made a prototype to test it out. I put together a packet of my paper-based ideas from the past that I tested and I’m giving them away. (You can look at or download the tools at the bottom of the home page.)


I was interviewed for a really cool podcast for and about creative professionals. Take a quick listen and support the host, someone who I know is going places. She’s awesome.


I am starting a line of pocket-sized notebooks called, “Squirrel Notes”. I’m starting with a batch of prototypes. If anyone wants one I just need your mailing address and I’ll send you a sample. All I ask in return is your feedback.

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