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Time is Running Out

In football terms, we are starting the fourth and final quarter of the game—and year. When a team is not doing as well as hoped, they are suddenly in hurry-up mode, trying to quickly score as time winds down. For 2021, time is running out. The fourth quarter of the year includes shorter days, colder weather, and the holiday season that all slow us down, that’s why we should . . .

1. Look at October as a key month and a time to pull out the stops and score some big wins. We need that sense of urgency to push us to start and finish projects that need to get done.

2. If and when we catch up or get ahead, then we can then focus on the trivial tasks that still need to get done, but don’t rise to the level of being important or urgent.

3. If we do steps one and two, step three is simply to celebrate our success and enjoy the holidays without the guilt or dread that comes from waiting until the last minute to finish things.

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