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The Sunrise Is Hope Rising

I have a friend who is going through tough times (on several fronts) and after talking to him at length the other night I was really concerned. I followed up with him the next morning and he sounded much better. He sounded much more hopeful after having slept on his problems. So many people who are in the eye of the storm feel like they are drowning and all is lost. If this sounds like a sailing analogy, it is. Sometimes a severe squall will roll through and quickly dump a deluge on us. Or, a tempest will pound us for hours on end. Almost always after a dark and dangerous night the clouds clear, the sun shines, and everything calms down. If there is one thing that helps us make it through life’s storms it’s the belief that things are going to get better. In a word, it’s hope. When writing my book, The Pelican my main character feels like things are hopeless and wants to end his life. Little by little he regains his faith in the future and becomes hopeful again. I’m so proud of this book because a person can be knocked down to the point where they don’t think they can get up again, but then they do and they are so thankful they didn’t do anything drastic when they were at rock bottom. The Pelican:

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