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The Reset Button

Looking back at last year made me realize three things.

1. Creating a speech based on, “The Power of Now” was one of the best things I did. Jim Rohn said, “Teach what you need to learn.” I quickly realized I needed to let go of the past (learn from it, then let it go), and stop worrying about he future (which I can’t control anyway). I gave the speech in June, and the second half of the year was much better than the first by only focusing on what I was doing in the moment. 

2. The saying, “If it is to be, it’s up to me” was my motto. I learned to love marketing and promotion again. I see it as an art form and another use of a person’s creativity and ingenuity. Instead of blaming others for what wasn’t working, I focused on solutions to fix it. That was empowering--going from victim to victor.

3. For the first ten months of the year I was working on a business book about innovation . . . and struggling. I let it go and instead gave in to write the book I wanted to write. In less than two months the book is done (and edited, thanks to many of you.) Letting go of what was frustrating me was freeing.

ACTION: I bought a black rubber bracelet that serves as a constant reminder to be more in the moment and focus 100% on whatever I am doing. I think of it as my reset button.

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