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Somebody's Watching You

What if? What if we lived our lives like important people were always watching us? Would we always do the right thing? Would we be more honest about how we feel? Would we be more confident knowing someone is always there keeping an eye on us? Would we be more willing to open up if someone was listening to us when we needed to talk?

I only ask these questions because I wondered what would we tell ourselves if we were watching ourselves live our lives? For many reasons we don't always take the time to think about things like this. It can be painful to think we aren't living the life we believed we should or that we sometimes take the easy road or worse, do something we would never do if we knew someone else would see us and know.

If we simply looked up from our busy lives every once in a while to ponder the what if, maybe we would live a better life. What if everyone knew what we were doing? What if our younger or older self were here to see what we are up to? What if we listened to that little voice in our head because quite possibly it's the advice and wisdom being sent by those who care and want the best for us but are no longer here, but still here for us?

I know, this is both comforting and frightening. My hope is that we all just ponder these questions the next time we're searching for answers and even if we don't believe in the afterlife or a higher power, knowing that just by imagining someone is up there or out there watching what we're doing will make us a better person.

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