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Social Media Sucks?

Social media gets a bad rap. For me, if it weren’t for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn I would be struggling. Lately, I’ve lost more than a few people in my life, but the support I’ve received online has helped immensely.

My mother passed away earlier this year. It’s weird not having any living parents. I know a lot of people are in the same boat, and many have offered advice and words of wisdom virtually which has proven to be extremely helpful. My best friend from elementary school and I had a falling out—he told my wife and I that his plan was to take my place when I die. I know, what the heck? Fortunately, through social media I've been able to reconnect with other classmates and long lost friends to compensate.

For over 25 years I had the same agent. Unfortunately, she did some shady things and several clients told me they wouldn’t work with me as long as I was represented by her. Thanks to LinkedIn I’ve built my business back and I can serve as my own agent.

People need people and social media has perks. I’m a big believer in the power of connection and use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to do it.

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