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Simplify and Streamline

Some of us feel alive when there is chaos and uncertainty. The rest of us want to feel in control, and thrive when everything is just so. The truth is, even those who like a little drama, push things to the limit and live on the edge appreciate some sense of order and accomplishment in their life. A complicated life saps us of our time, energy, and ability to focus. So let’s look at a few ways we can simplify and streamline that’s a balance between selling everything we own and keeping the best and organizing the rest. Rate. Using sticky dots go around and rate things based on how they make us feel, how often they’re used, and if they are worth keeping. (Do the same with your friends.)

Sell. Letting go of things is easier when we get paid in return. I use OfferUp to sell things that no longer fit my life (or me) but are a perfect fit for someone else.

Clean. We can help out our future self by doing a little cleaning each weekday so our weekends are free. I like to clean as I go so when I use something, I clean it.

Cut. If we go with the best, stick with what works and a brand we trust, and know what we like most we can cut down our choices. New is not always better. Streamline. Knowing what cut and color fits and flatters us means we need less clothes and accessories.

Group. Every time management and organizing book talks about grouping—group your errands together to save time and store like-items in groups based on how and where they’re used.