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Real Artists Ship

“Real artists ship”. It was Steve Jobs who said that. He was referring to the fact that everyone has ideas, but real artists deliver on them—or ship them. Have you ever had the experience where you had a great idea, do nothing with it only to see someone else with the same idea run with it and have immense success. I have—more than once. In 2021, I’m scaling back my big ideas so I can release smaller versions of them to be the first to “ship” them. The eureka moment is thrilling (and fleeting) but the feeling of finishing something and being the first to bring a new idea to life is both joyous and lasting.

Having someone to share in the development and launch of a new product or service is even better than going it alone. I will be reaching out at times this year looking for creative partners. I hope you’ll be open to possibilities and projects that you believe in so we may team up on one.

Here’s Some Interesting Inventions

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