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Quick Tips To Live Better

On Twitter, I’m tweeting a series of suggestions to make life easier and better. It’s a combination of shortcuts and suggestions to save time and money. Some examples are: 1. If you have seat warmers in your car, put the takeout food or pizza box on the passenger seat to keep it warm while driving home.

2. Before changing into your comfy cozy outfit for the night (or if working from home, for the day) throw them in the dryer to warm them up.

3. When cooking fish on a grill, lay the filet on a bed of lemons to give them flavor and keep them from burning.

4. When taking a photo, get on one knee and look up at your subject. This perspective improves most pictures.

5. Use the dishwasher to clean sweat-stained baseball hats, kid’s toys, rubber flip flops, and refrigerator shelves.

6. A cheap, plastic, folding book stand is perfect for holding your phone while watching a video.

7. I used to hang everything with a nail or hook. Strong two-sided tape is so much easier. I still measure and use a level, but using mounting tape is a lot faster.

There’s More on Twitter:

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