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Only You Know You

When I was a kid I was perfectly content to throw a ball against a wall for hours on a summer afternoon. I painted a strike zone on the side of an abandoned building and in my mind I’d pitch a complete game every day. I could have been at the pool, riding my bike, or hanging out with friends, but throwing these simulated games made me happy. I didn’t tell anyone what I was up to because they wouldn’t understand. I think there are a lot of things we’d like to do but don’t because we worry about what others will think. Or, we’re told by others what we should do because they think they know better. Knowing what makes us happy—regardless of what others think—and doing it is part of what leads to a fulfilling life. In my book, “Jimmy and the Kid” my main character (a girl who wants to play baseball with the boys) does the same thing. Like a lot of the things in my books, I didn’t have to make it up, it happened. Only in my book she did what made her happy regardless of what others said or thought. To Buy “Jimmy and the Kid” by Lee Silber

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