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Older People Don't Care

Susan Sarandon said about getting older (I’m paraphrasing) it doesn’t matter so much how you look anymore, it’s who you are that counts. My high school’s next official reunion isn’t for two more years so I organized an unofficial one. The great thing about this casual affair is how unpretentious many become later in life.

Nobody pulled up to the reunion in a rented Ferrari, wore a designer dress, or decked themselves out with extra bling. It was nice to talk to people who just wanted to know how you were doing and talk about some of the good times from the past.

It made me ponder what life would be like if we stopped worrying what other thought of us but instead were true to who were are. We'd probably stop buying things we didn’t need to impress people we don’t like and have more money and less stress. Maybe instead of asking people, “So, what do you do?” when we meet someone, we should instead try to find out more about who they are.

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