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March to the Beat of Your Own Drummer

If you’ve ever had the experience of not noticing an hour or two go by while you were working on something, you experienced relativity. Time flies when you’re having fun or doing something you enjoy and are good at. (Time seems to slow down when we’re struggling.)

I was just telling the players on my 2021 team that baseball is more fun the better you are at it. At the age the kids are it’s time to start putting them in the positions that give them the best chance to play at the next level.

So I am trying to find out what they do best and put them in a “position” to succeed. I want them to practice at that positions since it’s feels more natural, it’s more fun when having success, and they can connect the hard work with a positive outcome—playing better baseball through high school and possibly in college.

Isn’t that true of us all? If we can focus on using and developing our strengths instead of feeling like a failure because we’re not good at this or that—especially when others are. Maybe what you love to do and do well isn’t as in demand as something else, I say pursue it anyway.

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