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Making Memories—Making Yourself Memorable

Once we’re dead, does it really matter if we’re remembered? I mean, we’re dead, right? However, judging by how many buildings, bridges, and ballfields are named after others, as well as books that are written about the late, great so and so, it does matter.

Something happened to me last week that made me realize we should think about how we want to be remembered and create memorable moments with others. I’ll tell you my story in a minute, but first my take on how we can create a lasting legacy for the longterm, while living in the short-term. 

First, do the right thing. Be known as someone who does the right thing, even when nobody is watching. Say, “Yes” when opportunities to make a difference, connect with people on deeper level, or to give back is presented to you. Don’t be normal and boring, take a chance, get out there, and put yourself out there. Do something wild, crazy, silly, or unique that stands out. Be a role model and share what you know to help others reach their goals.