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Listen and Silent

Listen and silent are the same words when we rearrange the letters. I think it’s fair to say we all think we’re good listeners, but few are. (Apparently, I’m an interruptor. At least that’s what I think my wife said about me. Then again, I wasn’t really listening.) What truly makes for a really good listener? 1. Ask Me What I think.

Asking questions that show we are interested and paying attention are signs of a good listener. Of course we listen intently to their answer, but a follow-up question to what they’re talking about truly shows we’re listening intently and care about what they’re saying. 2. Something New.

We all know we should just shut and listen—especially when our significant other is using us as a sounding board and not really wanting us to say anything. What’s new is making sure we put our phones down or away and turn off notifications so we are all in when they are speaking.

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