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Less is More

You would think more is better than less, and in some cases it is (more money, more love, and more time). However, more choices, more stuff, more talking (unlike more listening) don't make things better. Here are five examples where less is more. 1. Being a jack-of-all trades isn't as good as focusing on fewer things and doing them really well.

2. Having a lot of friends is awesome, but focusing on fewer people and really caring about them may be better.

3. Less, but better and more relevant information is often all we really need.

4. They say it's who you know, but better than knowing everyone a little is knowing the one person who knows everyone.

5. Having a go-to store you know inside and out, a bank (or credit union) that treats you right, one mechanic you can really trust, or a brand (like Apple) that is the best for you may be boring, but better.

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