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Less is More

Here are three simple things we can do today that will instantly help us and those around us. 

1. We often deflect a compliment by explaining that it was no big deal. Accept a compliment with a simple thank you. That’s it, “Thank you.” Do it for yourself, and for the person who gave it. You deserve it, and they won’t feel diminished for saying it--which they do when you downplay it.

2. We speak at around 200 words a minute, but can comprehend 500 in the same time. Sure, you probably know what the other person is going to say, or have already thought of a witty response, but the best form of flattery is to hear people out . . . listen and let them finish.

3. What’s the harm in liking just about every positive post you see in your social media feed?

It’s a small thing that makes a big difference to the person posting. Better yet, write a quick comment. I’m sure you can list a few good reasons not to do this, but I know that I look to see who liked this or that posting--even just our of curiosity.

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1 Comment

I'm guilty of points 1 & 2 at times. Really have noticed when I take a breath, NOT speak AND listen more intently how the other person values that and the engagement is, well better!

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