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It's Not Too Early For Teens To Plan

If you could go back in time and talk to your teen self (knowing what you know now) what would you say? I would tell myself to spend more time with my father, stick with baseball, and believe in myself more. Some wouldn’t want to change a thing and believe their missteps make them who they are.

Now that I have two teenage sons, my advice to them is as follows. 

1. Find a mentor and accept their help and listen to their advice.

2. Do the right thing, no matter what. It simplifies your life and guides your decisions.

3. Write your goals down and work hard to make them happen.

That’s why I created a teen life planner. Originally, I planned to distribute these to high school guidance counselors. Now, I am offering them for free to whomever wants one. Goal-setting is a skill that should be learned early in life, and I’d like to help by giving away this goal planner. Feel free to pass it on. You'll find it on the products page of this website and there is no charge to download it.

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