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It's a Dog's Life

Unfortunately, my mom fell and broke her femur. After the surgery she spent several weeks in a rehabilitation facility—with no visitors. When she was finally allowed to return home (she resides in a retirement community) we were able to visit briefly on her front porch. A neighbor passed by walking her adorable little white dog. Noticing the matching dog was was missing, my mom asked, “Where’s your other dog?” Sima replied, “He passed away while you were gone.” She then told us this story.

Her pet of 15 years collapsed while on a walk around the grounds. Sima was beside herself and called out for help. A maintenance worker heard her cries and rushed over in his golf cart. He comforted Sima, gently wrapped the deceased dog in a towel, and drove them back to her bungalow. He then placed the dog on her patio, and knelt down beside the dog and prayed.

Being there when needed, going the extra mile, and showing caring and compassion are at the heart of good customer service. It’s about not having to ask a person to do what’s right, but to have them just do it—and do it right now. It doesn’t happen often, which is why when it does, it stands out.

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