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Home Alone

Making Working From Home Work

With the Coronavirus spreading like it is, there’s a chance many will want to (or be forced to) work from home. As someone who has worked from home for over 30 years, I have some suggestions to make the most of your time away from the office.

• Dress Up and Keep Your Head Down

I know you won’t want to hear this because working at home would seem like the time to dress down and work when we feel like it. Not so much. Without a dress code and time clock, the day can get away from us when we relax our rules and lose our focus. Show up on time, and put in the time even when nobody is looking. When we look good, we feel good--and our work reflects that. Dress comfortably, sure, but don’t let yourself go completely (ditch the sweats and robe).

• Avoid Multitasking Personal and Professional Objectives