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Habits of Successful People (A Quiz)

I recently came across a checklist (unrelated to what I was searching for) and it was an eye opener. It turns out that unsuccessful people do the following things. (Check the traits that apply to you.) They . . .

__ Think they know it all. 

__ Horde information and data. 

__ Hold a grudge. 

__ Take all the credit for victories. 

__ Blame others for their failures. 

__ Fear change and hang on too long. 

__ Secretly hope others fail. 

__ Are quick to criticize. 


Successful people, on the other hand, do things differently. (Check the traits that apply to you.) They  . . .

__ Continuously learn. 

__ Share information and data. 

__ Forgive others. 

__ Share the credit. 

__ Accept responsibility for their failures. 

__ Drive and embrace change. 

__ Want others to succeed. 

__ Are quick to compliment others.