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Follow You, Follow Me

Whenever I hear the song, “Follow You, Follow Me” (or “Baker Street,” or “Life’s Been Good”) they take me back to a specific time and place. I was in my early teens and every morning in the summer I took the bus to the beach with my surfboard in tow. The bus dropped me off at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach, and I’d spend the whole day surfing and hanging out. It was a magical time.

What’s the one song that reminds you of your childhood and brings you back to that happy place? Where were you and what were you doing? I’m genuinely curious. Have you ever used your set list of songs that make you feel good to perk you up when you’re down? As a musician, I’m always interested in the role music can play in our life to help us focus, pump us up and make us feel good, or help us forget about our troubles.

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