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Feet First

Nobody would choose to be sick or injured. We would choose feeling fine—or better than fine—if we could. The good news is, most of us don’t have to choose, we are healthy and have been for the bulk of our life. What’s interesting is, like time, we take good health for granted until it’s gone. Why am I stating something so obvious? For ten years I’ve had constant pain in both of my feet from a bone on the ball of each foot being too low—which meant I was walking on one pressure point. I wore special shoes, went to the foot doctor every other month, and struggled just to stand or walk. In December I had surgery to correct both feet. It worked.

If you can walk, run, and dance without pain, celebrate your good fortune. (I don’t use the word “fortune” lightly, because having your health is priceless.) If you are pain free, Covid free, and free to do the things you want, count your blessings. Someone else is dreaming of the things you take for granted.

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