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Feel The Fear

When my first son Ethan was an infant (and toddler, and tween) everything freaked me out—germs, sharp objects, and anything with wheels. I’m sure my son felt like he was swathed in bubble wrap (the non-toxic kind, of course). By the time my second son was born the overprotectiveness was less pronounced. Both boys turned out fine and neither suffered any life-threatening anythings.

Do you feel the same way about Covid-19? At first we were locked away in our homes, wiping down groceries, and refusing to shake hands with people (even those we lived with). Now we have a healthy fear of getting sick, but don’t take it to the extreme. I know that I have been very careful, but also have found safe ways to get back to a semi-normal life.

Fear is a funny thing. It certainly protects us from harm, it also holds us back. The good news is once we make it through something and survived, we are less fearful the second time around. If we’re willing to be careful and cautious but still take some calculated chances we can expand what we can do.

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