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Exceed Expectations

Good customer service is simply meeting the customer’s expectations. Outstanding service that customers rave about exceeds their expectations. In 2020, these companies do it best. Who do you feel gives exceptional service?


The theory is, the better you treat your employees, the better they treat your customers. That is the case with Publix. They consistently win awards for being a great place to work.


Sometimes winning over customers is simple, and if you go in for a quick oil change, you’ll usually see it in action. They smile when you drive up, they work fast, but not too fast as they thoroughly check everything and then explain it to you with respect.


Nordstrom hires good people—because it’s hard to train empathy, attentiveness, and niceness—and instructs them to use good judgement and find ways to say, “Yes” to the customer. This often means allowing people to return most anything, which increases sales and builds longterm loyalty.

Trader Joe’s

When we wait in lines at stores, the DMV, or the airport, it’s often due to a lack of staffing. At Trader Joe’s, they overstaff so the lines aren’t long and employees are free to interact with customers. (Granted, during Covid, customers have had to wait outside, but during normal times customers encounter a friendly, knowledgable, helpful people staff and short lines.)

Neiman Marcus

You may be surprised to learn that a 113 year-old company is a leader in the use of technology to enhance the customer experience. They use simple things like private lockers you can charge your device in while you shop, and digital dressing rooms where customers control the lighting and can request different sizes and all check out without leaving the fitting area.

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