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Don't Major in the Minors

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Chris Davis strikes out a lot, but still starts because he hits home runs.

In baseball, consistently hitting singles can lead to a nice career. However, hit a ton of home runs and you are a superstar. It’s the same in life.

If all we do is complete the urgent and easy tasks each day, we’ll do fine. If instead we take a swing at the big things (we know what they are because they scare us) we can achieve greatness because so few try for fear of striking out.

Years ago my Service Core of Retired Executives advisor told me that I had already mastered writing local books (singles) and that it was time to write something with national appeal (home runs). He was right, and I hit the first book out of the park with Random House.

Is your things-to-do list full of easy tasks that take up all of your time? What is the thing that most scares you to do–you’ll know what it is because you have probably been putting it off. My advice, step up to the plate and swing for the fences.

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