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Do It Yourself

I spent a lot of my youth watching and helping my father build and fix things and now I consider myself pretty handy. The ability to take on my own repairs and make things with my hands has saved me a lot of money over the years. Now there’s a shortcut to being a do-it-yourselfer and it’s called YouTube. In the past I had to read my Chilton’s repair manual to figure out how to fix my car. Now I simply watch a video or two and everything is revealed. Just having access to YouTube doesn’t make one handy, but the willingness to learn how to do things ourselves and then try (and sometimes fail) is something we can all do. For example, I taught myself how to build a website. If I were to build one for someone else I would show them how it’s done so they could manage and maintain it themselves.

If anyone wants a Wix website, I’d be happy to help. I built this website from scratch. Take a look:

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