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Chicken Soup For The Covid Soul

I don’t know about you, but I could use a little positivity. This article contains several short stories of how people from all walks of life are making the most of the position they find themselves in.


With the oldest of two away at college, and all learning now remote learning, Susan (mom) and Garrett (age 15) set out on a one-month work/school/golf road trip up the coast of California to Oregon (and beyond). The pair would get their work done in the morning, play golf in the afternoon, and explore the area late in the day. It was the trip of a lifetime, and only possible because of our current situation and the ability of being able to work and learn remotely.


Not everyone enjoys the camaraderie that comes from going into an office to work closely with others. There are a great many introverts that dread interacting with co-workers, customers, and their boss. It would take Lynne a ton of time to get ready for work each morning because she wasn’t exactly fashion forward—and couldn’t afford fashionable clothes even if she knew what they were. She feared her co-workers made fun of her makeup, hair, and “fashion” choices behind her back. She had anxiety attacks in the parking lot before forcing herself to make the trek to her desk—avoiding as many people as possible. She faced her fears because she loved her job. Now that she is a full-time, stay-at-home worker, she has it all—exciting and challenging work that she can do on her own (if you don’t count her cats) and very little interaction with others.


Todd is half the man he used to be. When Covid hit many of us put on the pounds. Not Todd. He lost a substantial amount of weight by making lifestyle changes. Even though he’s in the booze business, he took a break from beer and started getting up early every morning to take long walks, and surf with his kids in the afternoon. He embraced his grilling skills and started making and eating healthier meals. In fact, people line up in their cars to get Todd’s grilled meats and veggies to-go twice a month. He’s an inspiration to those of us who went the other way during the lockdowns and downtime.


Sean’s day used to start at 4:45 AM, when he woke up to get ready for his one-hour commute to work. He didn’t mind the ride (there was no traffic, it was just a long haul each way). He had the weekends, but when the time changed he left in the dark and returned in the dark and missed doing the outdoors things he loved so much. When his employer requested (and eventually required) he work from home, he was thrilled. It changed his life for the better. Now he has more time to spend with his kids—coaching both of their teams. He spends a lot less money on gas and food and he and his wife can now afford to do a date night every Friday. Since he was used to driving so much anyway, he volunteers to drive his kids wherever they need to go and cherishes the time together—the talks in the car, getting to know their friends, and making memories.

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