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Bad Things Happen in Threes

You’ve probably heard people say that bad things happen in threes. It seems true because we’re looking for the next terrible thing to happen after back to back bad things come our way. There must be a third problem around the corner, and when it does our string of bad luck will come to an end.

I’ve started to notice that good things also happen in threes. In the past I’d often miss them because they’re not always big things, just minor miracles. Instead of focusing on the bad things that seem to happen all at once, I’m celebrating the little wins that also come in a series of three of more.

Just today I dropped a bagel and it landed with the cream cheese side up, made a green light in a traffic jam, and had a whole bunch of unexpected people show up to help me work on the baseball fields (saving a ton of time). Hey, that’s three.

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