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Wonder Twins

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

What do superheroes do that we don’t? Glad you asked. Let’s see, the Wonder Twins had each other, Batman had Robin (and Alfred), and Wonder Woman and Superman hooked up (I mean teamed up).

We must be willing to work with others to get ahead. We should have an older and wiser mentor, a sidekick, and a protégé. We should also join our “Justice League” (an association in our field) and be involved.

ACTION: At association meetings, get there early and offer to help out. It’s an easy way to meet and mingle with the key players. If something (equipment, setup) isn’t working, step up and fix it. Volunteer to speak or teach a class. Write an article or blog post. Be a card collector and follow up with people after the event is over. Take and post pictures for the association’s social media sites. In a nutshell, get involved and get noticed. If you want a copy of my Mini Book on what superheroes can teach us, go to:

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