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You Just Have to Trust

When we see someone who has fame and fortune (like Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters—and formely of Nirvana) it's easy to forget what they may have had to go through to get to the top. This is especialy true of Dave Grohl. His single mother often worked three jobs at a time (teacher, department store clerk, and other odd jobs) to support Dave and his sister. Grohl himself worked anywhere and everywhere he could before and during the beginning of his career (as drummer for Scream and the early years of Nirvana). In his autobiography he writes that he wrote down his deepest desires in the hope that someone, something, somewhere would heed his call and help make it happen. "I did have faith in the idea that if you can percieve it, you can achieve it. With the help of the universe, this was my intention. Some refer to it as the Law of Attraction, the idea that the universe creates for you what your mind focuses upon."

I agree. I also agree that to achieve the level of success Grohl has you need to be willing to sacrifice in order to focus on being the best at something (drumming in his case), be willing to take big risks to go after big rewards, and work harder than everyone else. He did all of those things. So the message is, have a vision, make it a priority, and work your ass off to make it a reality, knowing the universe wants (for you) what you want.

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