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Create a "Moment"

With TikTok and other social media platforms what posters are looking for is "moments". Post-worthy things that others will pay attention to. So why fight it? If we can do things that make people say, "Wow" or "Cool" or "Oh" we can then build on that now that we have their attention. It's not a new a concept. In the news we always talk about, "the lead" and with e-mails an attention-grabbing subject line gets opened first, and movies create trailers to highlight the big moments in the film. So how can we take this approach and use it for ourselves? It really all starts with paying attention to things that stand out to you and capturing then. If none exist, we need to create them which takes courage. Either way, a "moment" mindset not only helps us with building our brand, it halps us remember key events in our lives by tying them to something that made a lasting impression.

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