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A Money Mindset For Right Brainers

As a creative person, and having written a book on money management for right brainers, I have spent a lot of time thinking about why "artistic types" sometimes struggle with making as much money as their left-brain counterparts.

The answer might seem obvious—we are often freelancers who undervalue our time and talent, feel like making too much money might make us look like sellouts, or we just don't care as much about finances as we should.

There's lots of ways and places we can make additional money as a creative type—sell our creations on Etsy, do side jobs on Upwork, or teach what we know on Udemy. All are legit, and good.

What often happens is to get up and running requires a lot of detail work and too many hoops to jump through. Often we have great intentions, but the reality of the process deflates our initial excitement.

So what's the solution? How do we get what we're worth and make enough to keep pace with the high cost of living? This is just my opinion, but...

1. I believe we have to choose something to sell or do for extra income that has the potential to bring in big bucks—or at least be enough to really excite us—and think about what we would and could do with that much money.

2. We need to use the skills and talents that come naturally to us—things we're really good at. Something so easy (for us) and doesn't require much (if anything) to get from idea to income right away is best.

3. Don't underestimate passion and purpose. What could push us past all the little things that get in the way of making more money? Our drive to want to do something we love or makes a difference can fuel our fire.

4. Confidence comes from within, but it also helps when others tell us how great we are. Keeping rave reviews, testimonials, cards and letters, positive posts, and anything else that can boost our morale and push us forward should be accessible.

5. Necessity is the mother of invention (and sometimes income). It could just be that we have our backs to the wall and we have no choice. The good news is this gives us more drive, courage, and incentive.

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