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Wow Factor

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

We can't go back in time and change anything we've said or done—especially the things that didn't go so well and people (friends, family, customers, clients, co-workers, employers, employees, neighbors, and others) were disappointed, dismayed, or downright mad at us. Or, where people didn't even care because we were so blah they hardly noticed us. Any way you look at it, it's in the past. People may remember, but we can make them forget and make new memories with what we do now and next.

Make every interaction you have with anyone today a "Wow!" moment—one they'll remember . . . in a good way. Go the extra mile, put them first, show you care, impress them, and do whatever you can (within the law) to win them over. What does that mean in practical terms? The good news is doesn't take big gestures or a ton of time and money to make someone smile, laugh, and feel special. Here's a partial list of simple things we can do to get to the wow factor.

1. Smile. 2. Offer a sincere compliment. 3. Do something nice for them.

4. Remember and use their name. 5. Be curious about them. 6. Listen.Really listen. 7. Go above and beyond.

8. Give them a gift.

9. Anticipate a need. 10. Show respect.

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