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Walk a Mile in Their Flip Flops

In my presentations I often ask attendees what they would do differently if they won millions in the lottery. The answers are all over the board, but a few share the answer I would give. I would create a foundation and use the money to make other people’s lives better.

If we’re being honest (and why not, right) then we must admit that many (most) people are self-absorbed. The world revolves around them. They believe it is better to receive then give. They believe in scarcity and they need to get theirs before (or if) you can have yours. They act without thinking . . . about you. I can go on, but you know what I mean. I know a guy who used to always brag about his accomplishments and minimize mine. I later figured out he believed if one of us was a success the other had to be a failure. No matter what I did, he did it better (and gave an example). Years later he finally gave me my due and acknowledged we were both successful at the same thing.

People can change. Jim Rohn said, “Teach what you need to learn.” My big change for 2022 is to be more empathetic (and compassionate—which is empathy in action). Southwest Airlines stated, “If there is one thing you can’t teach, it’s caring and compassion.” They believe you hire for the smile and train the skills. I think empathy can be enhanced. Can we take a person with zero empathy and take it to eleven? Probably not. But someone who just needs a push or reminder, that’s possible.