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State of Flux

Updated: Apr 8

Most of us like stability and predictability over chaos and uncertainty. That's not to say we want everything to stay the same or to not be spontaneous at times, but we want our flights to leave on time, our paychecks to be processed when they're supposed to be, and to know our wifi will work when we need it—and when don't we need it. There are some who thrive when plans change, emergencies upend things, and life takes unexpected twists and turns. The good news (for these people) is "stuff" happens and there's a good chance for sudden change—and they are built to deal with it. Others have a hard time when things go awry. We need to be better at accepting that nothing is etched in stone—it's often written in sand. We must be prepared to deal with procrastinators who do everything at the last minute. Know that when others say, "I'll try to make it" means the person who said it isn't coming. How do we do that? We make it the new normal. We control what we can control and let go of what we can't. Don't put our preference for planning and following those plans on others who are more loosey goosey. We do what we're going to do when we said we'll do it as an example to others.

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