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Time Never Stands Still

Time is steady, but it feels like it speeds up and slows down. It’s our relationship to time that changes. When we’re doing something we enjoy, time flies. When we are stuck in traffic or waiting on hold it seems like time stands still. So what can we do to enjoy the passage of time?

Partner in Time. Many times the same task is a ton more fun when done with another person (or persons). Since time flies when we’re having fun, teamwork could be the ticket.

Best of the Best. Someone loves to do what we hate, and vice versa. The more we can fill our things-to-do list with tasks that we do well, enjoy doing, and are important (and delegate what sucks . . . our energy) we make the most of our time.

End on a High Note. Swallow the frog. Do the worst first and then end the day with the easy to complete tasks so it seems like the day just flew by because we’re ending it on a high note.

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