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The "Silber" Lining

Finding Some Good in All The Bad

There’s no doubt these are tragic times. For this month's posts I would like to focus on finding the silver lining in the situation we all find ourselves in.

It's not easy. For me, I lost my main source of income since I travel to speak at conferences. Since I am self-employed, I also don't (so far) qualify for financial assistance. Fortunately, my wife is still working.

However, my family is healthy. I've been busy fixing and cleaning everything, catching up and completing projects, playing the drums, learning how to cook, teaching the kids life skills, and selling all sorts of odds and ends (including my baseball card collection) through OfferUp.

The key is staying busy, productive, and focusing on the positives. I watch or read a little bit everyday about what's happening, but for the most part I turn off the news and instead try to make the most of this time and look for the positive for each negative.

I know I have it a lot easier than others, but the things we all have in common is this can be a time for reflection, cleaning up and clearing out things we no longer need or want, and maybe most important of all, realizing and recognizing how indispensable and important doctors, nurses, and others who are being selfless to serve us are.

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