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The Pain of Rejection

Depending on what you do for a living and the chances you take in life, rejection is going to be something you have to deal with—a lot, or a little. For those of us who are creative, rejection is a constant since creativity is subjective and some of us have to audition or pitch to pass a test (of sorts)..

What gets me through it is this: 1. My overall goal is so big a small setback like a rejection doesn't keep me from moving forward. 2. My belief in myself, the fact I know I gave it my all, and past successes helps me keep going, learn from rejection, and use it to come back better next time.

3. I find that action is the best medicine for setbacks and self pity. To bounce back I double down or do something different—but the key is I do something.

I bring this up because for years I have been trying to land a TED Talk. This year I was asked to send in an audition tape which means the past rejections paid off because I was closer than ever before— alas, I didn't make the cut and move on to the next level . . . this time.

My attitude is now I know what doesn't work and I'll do better next time. I have no doubt you will see me doing a TED Talk soon because if I didn't believe that why would I bother trying again? Keep the faith and keep trying at whatever you're being told "no" about. Trust me, you will break through.

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