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The Fix Is In

One high school was offering an elective titled, “Home Economics”. The class included all the skills one would need to know to live on their own. Not one male student signed up. The principal changed the name of the course to, “Bachelor Living” and the class filled up fast.

With my kids being schooled at home, I added a class to their curriculum I call, “Lessons With Lee.” Part of what I am teaching them is how things work around the house—and how to fix them. It seems to me like being handy ended with Baby Boomers, but I’m bringing’ it back.

How handy are you? Take this quiz and see what you know about how things in your home operate, and how to troubleshoot some of them when they don’t. Don’t worry, I made this really easy to pass.

1. A noisy refrigerator could possibly just need to be re-leveled. T or F

2. One reason clothes may not be drying is a clogged lint filter. T or F

3. An electrical outlet that suddenly stops working may just need the GFI switch to be reset. T or F

4. If a deadbolt lock on a door is stiff, a shot of lubricant can usually loosen it up. T or F

5. If your TV remote stops working (or anything requiring batteries) even after replacing the batteries, it may just need the contacts to be cleaned of corrosion. T or F

The correct answers to all of the above question is “True”.

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