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The Five Hats

How many hats can we wear at a time? Two? Maybe. How many hats do we wear in a day? When I say, “Hats” I’m referring to roles. Most of us wear five hats in a day. HAT 1. Work (How we earn a living) or education. HAT 2. Family, friends, and pets. HAT 3. Health and fitness. HAT 4. Maintenance. (Cooking, cleaning, shopping, and fixing stuff.) HAT 5. Leisure Time. (Fun stuff, hobbies, volunteering, or faith-based activities.) That’s a full day. We can combine some hats like walking our pets and our fitness to try to make everything fit. Or, we can put limits on certain hats that don’t fit who we are and who we want to be. Think about what hats you plan to wear and plan your day around them. Use your limited amount of “head space” to say no to the things that don’t fit.

I’m Interested in the Five Hats You Wear Most:

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