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The Credit Union Way

Updated: Apr 3

There are very few businesses or products we can say we love. For me it's anything by Apple, Fender guitars and basses, and credit unions. All three of my favorites have one thing in common, I trust them. (Apple is not what it used to be, but they are still better than their competitors.) As a consumer it simplifies things when we love something. We are loyal and don't have to shop around. If I need a laptop, phone, or tablet I'm getting an Apple. Same with Fender. When I need a loan or a place to park my money, it's easy, I go to my credit union. What this means for the provider is they have a longterm and loyal customer who thinks with his or her heart instead of their head. This means price is not an object. As long as they don't do anything to break the bond of trust, they have a customer for life who won't stray and doesn't need to be "sold".

They win us over (and over again) by coming through for us. That's why I'm writing a book about how credit unions create customers (members) for life by being there when we need them. I'm looking for stories to include about a credit union that came through for you to include in a new book. If you have a story you are willing to share, I will write it up and put it in the book. To participate:

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