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Size (Doesn't) Matter

The average height for men is 5 feet 9 inches. For those of us who fall short of that height (pun intended) it may seem we are “less than” at times. I wrote, "Small Men Who Made It Big" (a new mini book) to show examples of successful people in several fields that are all under 5’-8”. They didn't let that stop them from making it in fields where height sometimes matters.

The purpose of this mini book is for you, the reader, to never let a lack of stature make you feel like there is something you can’t do—even play in the NBA*. I wrote this for anyone who needs a boost to their morale because they aren’t as tall as maybe they wished they were.

I also wrote it for my son, Ethan. He's playing football for Cal Lutheran University after excelling as a high school quarterback. I’m so proud of him because he doesn’t let his size determine what he can or can’t do.

As for me, I found this project inspiring and it reminded me we can measure height, but we can’t measure heart—and the people included here all have heart and exceeded expectations. Read copy for free at:

* Muggsy Bogues excelled in the NBA at 5’-3” tall.

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